Tuesday, December 15, 2015

enough is enough

I just read this article...


When did we become such a country of babies? Someone honestly gets offended or upset because a car has a bumper sticker on it that reads 13.1 or 26.2? I don't even know where to start. So the person that is gluten free gets bent out of shape because they are behind a car that has sticker of a loaf of bread? or the Vegan gets upset because there is a steak sticker on your car?

Starbucks red cups? WTF, who cares! Guess what, it isn't McDonalds making us obese, it's the fact that people CHOOSE to eat that crap EVERYDAY !

Wasteful...yes, Americans have that covered. 1/3 of all food worldwide goes to waste & in American 40% (FORTY!) percent of our food is wasted. I almost threw up typing that. Another good article listed below...


It's not even about the food we throw away it's about everything we do. I still remember 15+ years ago going on a ski trip. We were eating in the lodge and saw a man taking napkins out of the dispenser, he must have taken 20, he just kept pulling them out one after the other. How many do you really need? When you go to the restroom do you realllyyyyy need to pull 5 paper towels out to dry your hands or are you drying your ENTIRE body off after a shower.

Yes, I used disposable diapers and to this day I still have guilt for not using cloth diapers. That one I can't fix, my baby is 19 but I am trying my hardest to retify that. I recycle, re-use, donate, keep my showers to 5 minutes and keep my food waste to a minimum. If I could bike or walk to work I would, every day that I possibly could.

My goal for next year is to keep my spending to a bare minimum. I still haven't figured out exactly what that means. I know for the first six months I am not going to buy any clothes or shoes. I am a social person so not going out would be impossible for me. I am going to limit that times I do go out and give myself a set amount to spend and when thats gone I will go home. Yes, I will need to buy groceries, pay my bills and put gas in my vehicle but I would like to set a goal of putting "X" amount in my savings. I don't have any trips planned for next year (I will be recovering from the "Year of Cindi") so this may be a good year for me to get "this" under control. Although someone may invite be to go somewhere and I might not be able to say no but for now I am saying no for Jan - June 2016.

OK I have calmed down a little, redirected to what I can do to make changes. I have no control over what everyone does. Good thing I am going on vacation next week, i need a reset in the land of frugality & recylcing (they lead the Europe nations by recyling about 70%)

Monday, October 26, 2015

I want to make a sliding barn door



good sunblocks

  • No-Ad Sport SPF 50 lotion for $10
  • Equate Sport Continuous Spray SPF 30 for $8 from Walmart
  • Equate Ultra Protection lotion SPF 50 for $9 from Walmart

UP trails

homemade deo


Non traditional families

I follow this blog, Funky Junk Interiors, i really like this post she had
provide a safe home
be present

apologize often

be the best you can be
make each passing minute a good day


In December 2014, adventurer Megan Sullivan decided to follow through on her dream of seeing the Seven Wonders of the World. Whether it was due to her skin cancer diagnosis the month prior or her "YOLO" attitude, she finally took the plunge.

So with three hours of planning, 13 days granted off work and a man she had only been dating for two weeks, Sullivan set off 10 days later for their trip around the world. 

"I could have sat on this trip forever making excuses … waiting for the perfect time to take it, but instead while on a hike in Tahoe drinking a brown bag Coors Light with a guy I had only known for 2 weeks, I decided to go and we left 10 days later on what became an adventure of a lifetime," she wrote on her blog.

She and her partner visited Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, Chichen Itza in Mexico, The Lost City of Petra in Jordan, Machu Picchu in Peru, the Colosseum in Italy, the Taj Mahal in India and the Great Wall in China.

Seven sights in 13 days.

"I had the lowest expectations for the Great Wall but it was the best experience," she told Metro.

Per Metro, they slept on planes for the most part, only spending about two days in each place. But if Sullivan's photos and time-lapse video of her trip indicate anything, the constant traveling was well worth it.


Monday, October 12, 2015

Do you ever try to say something and then get the letters/words mixed up?

Since I just started this blog, Derick gets the honor (since he said this today) of being the first entry (this will be a post that is added to frequently!): hoppy slow mix = sloppy joe mix

October 2015, someone in my office said "I saw the albino deer yesterday", my boss said "you saw Neil Diamond buying beer today?"

3-31-15, i have got to load a fold of laundry = i have to fold a load of laundry (cindi)
2-5-15, my cans will be classeled = my class will be cancelled (Aubri)
3-27-13 how can i harry dandle = how can i handle dairy (Sheena)

10-8-12, Aubri was talking about her friends "Taylee and Hailor" ie. Hailee and Taylor

"even though it is raining, my waters need lots of plants" this one comes all the way from Germay, thanks Heidi

"a hist in testory"...
"roam foller fit" = foam roller fit (Sheena)
"Bring this school to pen" = bring this pen to school (Tyler)
paint of coat = coat of paint (Gina :)

"I don't understand why this person named her change" = I don't understand why this person changed her name (I just said that to Lara)

I was talking about the show Man vs. Wild and I told Lara that I was watching Man wersus Wild. Okay let me explain, Germans say V as W and W as V, so I must be getting my german going for my upcoming trip!

It was not my workend to week = It was not my weekend to work (Liz)
Kelly Pickling = Kelly Pickler (Sheena)

Past phrases are:
"you have been swimming laked in the nake all day"="you have been swimming naked in the lake all day" (this is what I told Aubri at camp)
Hedition medache = headache medication (Aubri)
spench & fanish = french & spanish (Ty)
Salah Parin = Sarah Palin (Aubri)
body bath works = bath & body works (Aubri)
I have 2 pockets in my nickel = I have 2 nickels in my pocket (Ty - he told that to the person working at the Holiday gas station)
Pork yeppermint = york peppermint (Lara :) )
Papa Purphy Mizza card = Papa Murphy pizza card (Cindi)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

good articles

blended family truths, this article is really good and kind of spot on


well worth the read

In this article the ages aren't correct, gender of children aren't correct, home visits form "the men in black uniforms" is not correct and I definatly don't want to be friends with the "real" mom but there are some spot on points in this article...


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Orange is the New Black & my gram

This show is cray cray...my favorite line from todays episode on Netflix is "You haven't showered in three days!" "I have washed my pits, tits and naughty bits". That made me LOL and also think of my gram. She always called it a "PTA" pits, tits and ass...she always put a little emphasis on the "ass" part to try and shock us by using that word. That also makes me LOL.

Even though she is still here in body, I miss my gram, MY GRAM. Btw this picture was taken in the camper at camp, where the garage now sits. The weird net candle and binoculars are still in "new" camp :) 

Monday, May 18, 2015

beer belt

I may need one of these...



I need to do this in my bedroom when I get drywall


coke bottles for people with different spellings of their names...

sewing essentials

I need a few of these essential tools, especially the needle threader


I need to make this


to make a long story short, my friend Kathy and I were intereviewed for a documentary. I hope to god the two that interviewed us find better footage. They sure were nice lads from england. Dave McGinnis and Byron Vincent. Byron had talked about his childhood, it was very sad



Saturday, May 2, 2015

Derick James

We have another college graduate, Derick has earned his Associate in Climate Control. We are very proud of him and his hard work. He decided he is not walking for graduation which is totally fine and his decision, he has never been one for things like that.


This is my gift to you...

  • Fall 2012......... $4032
  • Winter 2013.....$3024
  • Fall 2013..........$4194
  • Winter 2014.....$4194
  • Summer 2014...$1398
  • Fall 2014..........$4332
  • Winter 2015.....$2888
Total = $ 24,062

What you had to pay for tuition = ZERO, enjoy the feeling of NO student loans

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Vegas Baby !

this is where I will be for the next 6 days !

I can't wait to nap at this pool

up all night, sleep by the pool. that's the plan, YOLO 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

signs I like

i may have to make these...


i think i "want" one of these...seafoam or steelhead, hmmmm


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

chicken avocado burger

I love guac but i have never been a really big fan of big slices of avocado. This recipe is so good, even my son who doesn't like "chunks" in his food liked this.

Try it !


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rag rug

and almost 2 years later its done! I am proud of myself for this one

I can't get enough of this one

Cheers, Prost or however you want to say it

Heidi just sent me this and it's a good one.

My mother would warn me about drinking too much and killing my brain cells. I wish she was around so i could tell her this.

Happy 70th Tom Selleck

This was my mom's favorite guy, he turned 70 on January 29th. We would watch Magnum PI together, I watch Blue Bloods now with him in it and I imagine my mother is watching with me


Merry Christmas

My father-in-law is a man of VERY few words. When i got home after my quick trip to Germany, just in time for Christmas eve he said "Merry Christmas there sweetheart". He has never called me that before, i need to remember this.

11-13-14, Bear Dream

I don't usually remember my dreams but this was sooooo real when i woke up.

I saw 5-6 Bears swimming at Lake Arfelin, I mean they were jumping off a dock and a raft. Almost human like. Then the next minute they were on our lot. I pulled Martha through the window by her collar. Lola was playing with a cub and I was hollering to her to get in the camp and she FINALLY came running to the camp. The big bear got in the camp. I was hiding under the mattress. Sheena and Aubri showed up at camp and Aubri opened the door and saw the bear...

That is when I woke up. It was weird, really weird, kind of like Planet of the Apes but with bears.

Monday, February 2, 2015

I am 45

my co-worker made me some amazing brownies
 Lisa brought me a treat, the machine was out of doritos
 lunch with my daughter at the den. waffle fries with bacon & cheese (don't judge)
 blue moon AND vanilla ice cream
We went to the Throttle in Little Lake. I wanted to go because UP Pink Power was putting on a sled night to raise money for their organization. I won the first door prize (candle) and the first 50/50 ! I won $140 and donated $50 back, that's what I wanted to do on my birthday...give back
 Kathy, Me & Lisa. It was a nice night, just what I wanted. Kathy gave me a beautiful necklace & some cashola to buy something for my closet. Lisa gave me a 31 bag, sugar bath cubes & a hanging smelly thing for my car.
 Heidi sent me a Happy Birthday bead, it's a cake
 Birthday cake i bought for myself, the day after my birthday
 tina makes amazing turkey salad, she gave me some for lunch
 a towel for my walk in October and ice cleats
 new tradition, a picture of me with my babies on my birthday
I am a lucky gal...I received cards, gifts, messages & phone calls. thank you all xoxoxo

Anderson Lake, 1-17-15

Tina & I hiked the 4 + miles around this lake. You really didn't need snow shoes that day. I can't imagine skiing this, it was hard !

I'd do it again, it was beautiful and FREE

eben ice caves, 1-31-15

We followed the advice of my co-worker and left home at 8:30. We got there and we were the only ones there ! it was icy and we crawled, slid and walked super careful with our ice cleats to get there. 

 my friend tina, she is not a fan of ice
 aubri & sheena
After we left the ice caves we stopped at Root 41 for lunch, it was great !

When i got home I noticed Holly from Michigan Made had a sunday fun day contest going on. She wanted us to post what we were doing...i posted a picture of me and my girls from the morning & sure enough...i won a $20 gift certificate to Michigan made :) I am on a lucky streak but hey if you don't play you won't win

cross country skiing, 1-24-15

Maple lane in skandia, great deal! 

protein balls I made, pretty great
 end of intermediate trail

 first time cross country skiing in 35 years

my dream closet

I have waited a long time for this walk in closet...it's pretty amazing :)

my shoe wheel, sigh
 yes, it's kind of organized by color/style/season
shelf above the door, i've seen this on a lot of other blogs

my vanity with all my stuff. i only have to shower in the bathroom now :) my first attempt at a silhouettes, not bad for .50 cents (frame I got a vinnie's for .50 cents, paper/spray paint i had)
 washi tape as a border for my kiddos growth chart
Aubri 11-14-01
This was a great project. My towel rack is made from a dowel and an old belt, I love it but I moved it. It's now hidden by the little dresser in this picture

Here's the breakdown...

  • Menards (for shelving brackets & dowels)
    • on Oct. 11 -  $34.28 (I had $54.23 in gift cards & rebates that i had been saving)
    • I will be getting $11.56 back in a rebate
  • Lowes (for curtains)
    • on Oct. 11 - $21.56 (I had a $25 gift card plus a 10% off discount)
      • Gary velvet insulated curtains, 3 panels, on clearance for $11 each. If i ever get the window removed i will certainly re-use these curtains somewhere else in the house. They were 10 inches to short because i had to mount the curtain rod at the top. I had extra black fabric that i just sewed across the bottom
  • Dresser/vanity = zero, i swapped dressers with Aubri
  • bench for vanity = zero, i had fabric in my stash to re-cover
  • Paint = zero, i had some white leftover and Tina gave me a little so we mixed them all together
  • shelves = zero, i used what i had from previous projects
  • shelf above door = zero, it was in sheena's room & steven didn't want it
  • flokati rug = zero, my christmas present from my kids
  • shoe wheel = zero, my birthday present from my kids
all my stuff organized in one room = PRICELESS

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Marti ....

Update on my old gal...I brought her to the vet on January 24th and the vet is pretty sure it's bone cancer in her leg. She is on two different pain pills and doing better. She is a tough old 14 year old gal

Martha has a sore leg/hip. Last night was not very good. She did let me put an ice pack on for 20 minutes and then 20 minutes with the heating pad, that rotation worked for a few hours. I also gave her some aspirin.

My poor old girl is failing. I am going to do whatever I can do to make her comfortable. Today was a little better but she is not herself.