Sunday, August 19, 2012

Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy 18th Tyler

 hard to believe my baby is 18, where have the years gone ?
i love you bud, with all my heart! by the way, his birthday was June 12 and we celebrated in germany :)

sunrise, 8-13-12

camp, 7-27-12 with Sheen

one of my favorite places on this planet...

7-21-12 YMCA triathalon

great job girl!

take that border grill

made my own bowl in the oven with a tortilla bowl maker, dang good i must say!

best surprise i have pulled date

surgery 8-15-12

sorry if you're they removed this from my upper arm, the doctor said it is in between a golf ball and tennis ball

August 17

  • went to aubri's first tennis meet of the year
  • still recovering from surgery, really weak, which surprises me
  • went and looked at a car for Sheena, it's a good one, she's buying it!
  • my last friday off, back to normal schedule next week :(

August 10

  • went to camp
    • painted trim on sauna & play house
    • helped haul some brush from the top of the hill
    • raked and cleaned up around sauna & play house
    • made burn pile of old ladders, surfboard, etc
  • finally decorated the bunk house
  • took a nap
  • great day at camp!
for $1.00 from Dollar general this package of red beans and rice was great and it made a lot

August 3

July 27

July 20

July 13