Monday, May 27, 2013

t-shirt scrap rug

i am a fabric hoarder but i am cleaning out my stash. I have a small laundry basket full of stuff i don't want that i am using for rugs. When i make t-shirt quilts, i cut a square out and the rest is kind of a waste. Well i have been holding on to these t-shirts, i cut the strips of t-shirts into pieces 2 inches wide. I started braiding and this is what i came up with so far. I will have to sew it together once i get the size i want but it's pretty mindless to do while watching tv.



Thursday, May 23, 2013

rag rug...update

so i was weaving and ran out of scraps so i had to rip last night. I read somewhere you should make two piles of the same fabric because as you weave you should weave some at one end and then flip it over and weave at the other end...

5-22-13, my hubby used conduit for the side rails, i got to start weaving

so i FINALLY started my rag rug! I got the "warp" on tonight, that is the fabric going up and down.

My neighbor and hubby made me this loom but it's missing something. Down both sides there should be some type of rod. If you don't have that your rug ends up looking hour glass. Oh well at least i started it, now to find some rod type things for free of course

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ski hill party 2013

Here is what i got from the raffle part of the ski hill party

For $ 5.00 I got everything below...but since i sold something on ebay, i actually made .50

I checked prices online and this is what i REALLY scored
  • AIX (Armani exchange) ($89)
  • Harley Davidson sunglasses ($18 but i think the ones i have are a nicer model than online)
Merrell Shoes ($90 - $120)
  • manzella ($22 - $49)
  • ($6 - $25)
  • gordini ($26 - $ 47)
  • burton liners ($12)
t-shirt, American Apparel ($20 - $30)
headband, pistil brand ($15 - $25)
  • 2 - carhartt (1 kelly green & 1 tan) ($8 each)
  • bonna (nothing online)
  • spacecraft ($17 - $25)
  • chaos ($ 15 - $23)
  • Northeastern ski rescue (nothing online)
  • Northface ($15 - $30, closer to $30 this is a nice hat)
balaclava turtle fur ($15)
yoga style pants
  • ariat riding pants (sold on ebay for $5.50)
  • Under Armour ($49)
Total of $484 and that is using the low end of the prices !!!

AND my friend brought me another walmart bag full of coke bottle caps for mycokerewards !

Thursday, May 16, 2013

turd curls

i don't know why they are called "turd" curls but this is what my mom and grandma have always called them. 

I know aubri hates when i play with them but i don't care, i love them

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

mother's day day was good and don't get me wrong, i do love my children
                                         cowboy caviar, made by Sheena, it was AMAZING!
 cards from all (Aubri gave me a large diet pepsi & tyler gave me $ )
 magnets from sheena
 glass of wine for momma
 flowers from sheena (btw, they lasted until June 4)

i hate mothers day and i have since 1993, why celebrate a holiday when you don't have a mother. Since i am a mother i have enjoyed the homemade gifts my children have given me over the years, they are some of my most precious possession's. Now they are older i guess i expect more thought put into gifts, not money even though they all have jobs and a little cash. I don't expect them to break the bank but you know what, one day out of the year i want them to think about maybe what they could DO for me. They can put a little thought into something, not scrambling at the last minute to make a homemade card, you are too old for that.

this year i would like:
yes i hope someone in my family reads this and takes charge

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Aubri's coke rewards

  • with her points she made a book for her bestie & also ordered one for herself

  • she also made her a coffee mug

Thursday, May 2, 2013

my prom beauty

such a beautiful princess

everything leading UP to prom

  • Aubri drove all over Marquette County trying to find "the"dress ... $ ?
  • Aubri, her friend from Spain and & drove to Green Bay (2-17-13) to look for dresses ... $75 gas, $25 applebee's for lunch
  • finally found "the" dress online ... $400 (Dad agreed to pay 1/2)
  • Aubri went in the pool for a track workout and her hair turned green (4-19-13) ... $25
    • Malibu treatment at the Clipper
  • Aubri picked up stuff from Walmart  (4-18-13) ... $21.52
    •  press on nails, two different kinds of nail polish, material & embellishment to make her own garter

  • Haircut & color at Cost Cutters (april 25)... $ 68.90
  • Two tickets ... $80 ($40 each)
  • Socks for her date... $7.00
  • underwear ... $4.00
  • Spray tan... $12.00 (bought it 1/2 price on the shopping show, reg $25)
  • earrings from Etsy ... $13.50
  • gas in Nitro, $25.00
  • car wash and vac $7.00
  • getting hair & make up done the day of prom at the Clipper... hair $45.00, makeup $25
  • $11 for picture packet
GRAND TOTAL =  $ 844.92