Monday, May 18, 2015

beer belt

I may need one of these...


I need to do this in my bedroom when I get drywall


coke bottles for people with different spellings of their names...

sewing essentials

I need a few of these essential tools, especially the needle threader

I need to make this


to make a long story short, my friend Kathy and I were intereviewed for a documentary. I hope to god the two that interviewed us find better footage. They sure were nice lads from england. Dave McGinnis and Byron Vincent. Byron had talked about his childhood, it was very sad

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Derick James

We have another college graduate, Derick has earned his Associate in Climate Control. We are very proud of him and his hard work. He decided he is not walking for graduation which is totally fine and his decision, he has never been one for things like that.


This is my gift to you...

  • Fall 2012......... $4032
  • Winter 2013.....$3024
  • Fall 2013..........$4194
  • Winter 2014.....$4194
  • Summer 2014...$1398
  • Fall 2014..........$4332
  • Winter 2015.....$2888
Total = $ 24,062

What you had to pay for tuition = ZERO, enjoy the feeling of NO student loans