Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rag rug

and almost 2 years later its done! I am proud of myself for this one

I can't get enough of this one

Cheers, Prost or however you want to say it

Heidi just sent me this and it's a good one.

My mother would warn me about drinking too much and killing my brain cells. I wish she was around so i could tell her this.

Happy 70th Tom Selleck

This was my mom's favorite guy, he turned 70 on January 29th. We would watch Magnum PI together, I watch Blue Bloods now with him in it and I imagine my mother is watching with me


Merry Christmas

My father-in-law is a man of VERY few words. When i got home after my quick trip to Germany, just in time for Christmas eve he said "Merry Christmas there sweetheart". He has never called me that before, i need to remember this.

11-13-14, Bear Dream

I don't usually remember my dreams but this was sooooo real when i woke up.

I saw 5-6 Bears swimming at Lake Arfelin, I mean they were jumping off a dock and a raft. Almost human like. Then the next minute they were on our lot. I pulled Martha through the window by her collar. Lola was playing with a cub and I was hollering to her to get in the camp and she FINALLY came running to the camp. The big bear got in the camp. I was hiding under the mattress. Sheena and Aubri showed up at camp and Aubri opened the door and saw the bear...

That is when I woke up. It was weird, really weird, kind of like Planet of the Apes but with bears.

Monday, February 2, 2015

I am 45

my co-worker made me some amazing brownies
 Lisa brought me a treat, the machine was out of doritos
 lunch with my daughter at the den. waffle fries with bacon & cheese (don't judge)
 blue moon AND vanilla ice cream
We went to the Throttle in Little Lake. I wanted to go because UP Pink Power was putting on a sled night to raise money for their organization. I won the first door prize (candle) and the first 50/50 ! I won $140 and donated $50 back, that's what I wanted to do on my birthday...give back
 Kathy, Me & Lisa. It was a nice night, just what I wanted. Kathy gave me a beautiful necklace & some cashola to buy something for my closet. Lisa gave me a 31 bag, sugar bath cubes & a hanging smelly thing for my car.
 Heidi sent me a Happy Birthday bead, it's a cake
 Birthday cake i bought for myself, the day after my birthday
 tina makes amazing turkey salad, she gave me some for lunch
 a towel for my walk in October and ice cleats
 new tradition, a picture of me with my babies on my birthday
I am a lucky gal...I received cards, gifts, messages & phone calls. thank you all xoxoxo

Anderson Lake, 1-17-15

Tina & I hiked the 4 + miles around this lake. You really didn't need snow shoes that day. I can't imagine skiing this, it was hard !

I'd do it again, it was beautiful and FREE

eben ice caves, 1-31-15

We followed the advice of my co-worker and left home at 8:30. We got there and we were the only ones there ! it was icy and we crawled, slid and walked super careful with our ice cleats to get there. 

 my friend tina, she is not a fan of ice
 aubri & sheena
After we left the ice caves we stopped at Root 41 for lunch, it was great !

When i got home I noticed Holly from Michigan Made had a sunday fun day contest going on. She wanted us to post what we were doing...i posted a picture of me and my girls from the morning & sure enough...i won a $20 gift certificate to Michigan made :) I am on a lucky streak but hey if you don't play you won't win

cross country skiing, 1-24-15

Maple lane in skandia, great deal! 

protein balls I made, pretty great
 end of intermediate trail

 first time cross country skiing in 35 years

my dream closet

I have waited a long time for this walk in's pretty amazing :)

my shoe wheel, sigh
 yes, it's kind of organized by color/style/season
shelf above the door, i've seen this on a lot of other blogs

my vanity with all my stuff. i only have to shower in the bathroom now :) my first attempt at a silhouettes, not bad for .50 cents (frame I got a vinnie's for .50 cents, paper/spray paint i had)
 washi tape as a border for my kiddos growth chart
Aubri 11-14-01
This was a great project. My towel rack is made from a dowel and an old belt, I love it but I moved it. It's now hidden by the little dresser in this picture

Here's the breakdown...

  • Menards (for shelving brackets & dowels)
    • on Oct. 11 -  $34.28 (I had $54.23 in gift cards & rebates that i had been saving)
    • I will be getting $11.56 back in a rebate
  • Lowes (for curtains)
    • on Oct. 11 - $21.56 (I had a $25 gift card plus a 10% off discount)
      • Gary velvet insulated curtains, 3 panels, on clearance for $11 each. If i ever get the window removed i will certainly re-use these curtains somewhere else in the house. They were 10 inches to short because i had to mount the curtain rod at the top. I had extra black fabric that i just sewed across the bottom
  • Dresser/vanity = zero, i swapped dressers with Aubri
  • bench for vanity = zero, i had fabric in my stash to re-cover
  • Paint = zero, i had some white leftover and Tina gave me a little so we mixed them all together
  • shelves = zero, i used what i had from previous projects
  • shelf above door = zero, it was in sheena's room & steven didn't want it
  • flokati rug = zero, my christmas present from my kids
  • shoe wheel = zero, my birthday present from my kids
all my stuff organized in one room = PRICELESS