Sunday, May 27, 2012

Friday, May 25

up at 7:30, shower, list in hand and out the door

  1. midtown, pick up quilts
  2. Menards, water for grad party
  3. Econo, pop for grad party, 12 packs were 4 for $11, i had 16 $1.00 off a 12 pack coupon, so minus deposit i got 20 twelve packs for $34.00 DEAL OF THE DAY!
  4. Walgreens, printed some photos for Tyler's scrapbook, made a couple enlargements for his party
  5. Kohls, swimsuit for me
  6. Walmart, random stuff needed for home
  7. GFS, paper products for grad party (plates, napkins, silverware) & mints and chocolates for tables at party
  8. first grad party, Adam
  9. Kathy's to help scan photos and drink some bier
another productive friday off :)

Tyler graduates, 2012

so very proud of my son...

sink or swim and he swam, i love you tyler

grad presents...

I monogramed some towels for tyler's friends, some girls who are going away to college for graduation presents. I like how they turned out & they were very easy!

Fridays off, the first one, 5-18-12

  1. up at 7:30 am, grocery store, last stromboli ingredients
  2. 9:00 am stromboli making begins, lisa arrives
  3. 12:05, 24 stromboli's made, thank the lord for Lisa (don't tell her i said that!)
  4. clean up kitchen, run stromboli's to freezer at Micailly's
  5. 2-3pm nap
  6. shower
  7. Aubri double header, 4 - 7:30 pm (conession stand duties for me from 4 - 6)
  8. corona's with lime on the deck at Kathy's
great start to my fridays off...