Saturday, April 21, 2012


sheena and i took a folded german star "class" and i made 1 for me and 1 for guido. I finally sent his off last week, i hope he likes it cause they are HARD to make

happy 18th derick james


Friday, April 20, 2012

easter 2012

kitchen update = love!

snow on april 16th, wth

sorry, i feel like it snowed because i put my PATIO FURNITURE out days before
 poor daffodils and the newest member of my family


2 new headbands i made for aubri cheryl...

aubri's shelf

final thing in aubri's loft building, a shelf for her cell phone, remote and whatever else....i hung it myself, cross your fingers that it holds!
the switch plate under the shelf was my mom's when she was little

aubri, my catcher

yeah, it snowed during the first game of this double header, ahhhh softball in the UP

rummage sale

ok, so i have enough for 1 table, sale tomorrow at Woodland Park 2 - 5, i'll try it! if i make a few bucks, good for me

the little things...

i have been purging and organizing my clothes, really my scarves take up 1/2 a bar?
 lightbulb clicks on..
 aaaahhhh much needed space, for my amazing cowboy boots

Pampered for pink

15 infinity scarves...
 6 knotted fleece baby blankets...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

road trip with Aubri

aubs and i left on April 5th to head to Appleton to shop, we stayed the night in Green Bay.
we picked up subway for dinner and aubri drove to iron mountain and then we traded. Our first stop was Goodwill and then a gas station for snacks and I GOT CARDED! aubri was not impressed with MY excitement :)

got to the hotel, checked into our room and put on our swimsuits. Headed to the hot tub/pool, the pool was too cold for me. aub asked why i didn't take my jewelry off and i said i never do as i looked at it and it was gray! no longer silver, my 3 rings AND my pandora bracelet. using toothpaste to scrub them really works, they are back to the original if not better!

fell asleep kind of early, we had a king size bed and aubri STILL had to sleep diagonal and end up next to me and i still had no blankets! trust me i am not complaining, i sooooooooo enjoy the one on one time with my girl.

woke up, free breakfast in hotel, packed and were on the road to Appleton! Aubri woke up not feeling good but we had to push through it :) Burlington, Woodman's, Old Navy & Gordman's were the first stops, the Noodles & Company for lunch. First time either of us had been there, i will go again, Wisconsin mac & cheese, GREAT! Then the mall for certain stores but a stop at the cookie counter first for a double doozie and slice of cookie. A&F and Hollister for some shirts for our boys in Germany, Scheels for some new flip/flops for me. Out of the mall for DSW, World Marketplace, Hobby Lobby, the list goes on.

Left Appleton about 7 to head home, Aubri has a softball tourney tomorrow so i didn't want to get home too late!

here are some things that stand out:

7 times on the radio, Adele - someone like you


i am not catholic, i was baptized catholic but i am methodist, yeah don't ask. anyways i am going to participate in 40 bags in 40 days...

wish me luck!

Feb 22 - 1 bag clothes given to my friend for her daughter
Feb 24 - 2 bags to garbage (Aubri cleaning in her room)
Feb 26 - 1 bag to garbage (final bag of garbage from purge in Aubri's room)

Feb 27 - 2 bags (1) to the Salvation Army and 1 in the mail to New York
March 1 - 1 bag to work

April 5 - 2 bags to St Vincents

well i failed on the 40 bag part but i got rid of 9 bags, that's good enough for me

Sunday, April 1, 2012

this is a reminder...don't be a dumb ass

6 fleece knotted blankets with matching pillow
fleece via mail, cheapest way to get it
3 wood projects

great dinner

comfort food

"not my socks!"

aubri came up from her bedroom and threw these socks at me! i don't know what her problem is, ok maybe i do. obviously these are my nieces, i got a laugh out of it anyways

kitchen update...

i finally found the turtle doorknob, i put it in a "safe" place for awhile...
finished this wall...
new green, done! hung the folded stars my kids made years ago
moved some dishes around, moved the coffee/tea to cupboard with doors
"real teal" yeah i'm in love

fridge magnets

(correction: my nephew did this, he wrote his sisters name, ahhhh) my niece must have done this at Sheena's birthday party, i just noticed it today and thought it was cute

my lap dog..

mommy's baby

basketball awards

hard to believe this is 10th grade b-ball awards (3-26-12)...

gotta bake before it's too hot for the oven!

6 loaves zucchini bread...

really? March 24 ?