Saturday, August 31, 2013

a day in pictures

someone took a selfie with my iPhone
 new bedding from ikea
 crazy bites (bacon & jalapeƱo)
 haircut for ty
 lola napping
 lola napping again with her baby
 ready for a walk, the gentle leader is amazing (we walked 6 miles today)
 ranch suddenly salad
 vacuumed/cleaned a bedroom just because, it was appreciated
 cleaned the dining room
after a week of being sick, I felt productive

Sunday, August 25, 2013


I have been looking at a friend of Sheena's pictures on Facebook. She is originally from germany and was here for a foreign exchange program. She is now traveling the world. Australia, California and everywhere in between, she is now in Thailand!

I am so VEEERRRRYYYY jealous! I should be just happy for her but i am so envious. This is what i wanted to do when i was young. Now i just have to get myself in a little better shape, lose some weight and i can still do it before i'm 50! i want to take a month and set out without a plan with my friend Heidi. I know she can't right now because she has young children and can't escape for a month but i can wait. I know the adventure wouldn't be what I am dreaming of if i went with anyone else. 

Right now, well in the next 2 years, i will have to "settle" (hahaha that is a joke!) for a 2 week backpacking trip with her. 

I NEED a plane ticket


I FINALLY got one! i have wanted one since i was 17 and my mom told me if i got one i would have to find another place to live. Well since we were in germany i really didn't have a back up plan for a home. Funny as i type this, my daughter, who got the 2nd part of the tattoo will be 17 next month. Yes, i signed to allow them to tattoo my 16 year old. Really people? go ahead and judge me, i could care less. What is the difference if she gets it now or next year? there is no difference to me or to her and that's all that matters. I made her call her father to get his opinion and he didn't mind either. There the 3 of us are ok with it and that's all that counts.

This is a lullaby that my mother sang to me and i sang to my babies. I had my husband use his computer skills and it IS my mothers handwriting :)

My foot is the "I see the moon" and Aubri's is the other. I LOVE how it turned out, yeah it hurt a little but only while it was happening. Yeah, my mother is probably shaking her head but smiling at the same time.

I had resigned myself to never getting a tattoo, after reading this article, it changed my mind. I wanted to be in charged of what was on MY body...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

My sunday...

saturday was VERY lazy and I didn't do much. I shopped with aubri, went out to dinner at Buck's and watched a couple movies (A good day to die hard and GI Joe retaliation, both good)

sunday HAS to be productive...
  1. aubri needed a cardigan and wanted me to make her crew neck sweater into one. it was my first try and i think it went very well, her is the link i followed:

2.   tons of laundry done and hung on the line
3.   work on sheena's pallet hope chest. Cut the edges of off two pallets, striped one of boards i could use. Hubby took the good drill and i charged the battery for the other drill but its shot. I wanted to do more but i couldn't without a drill. i want a garage and my OWN tools...someday
4.    picked some flowers from my garden and brought them to my gram. she slept the whole time but hey, if she is comfortable, that is all that matters to me
5.    Ty cut the grass
6.    4+ mile walk
7.    no one is home, bowl of granola for dinner
8.    rain in the evening, time to be lazy and bond with my couch again 

home by myself for a few hours....LIFE is good !

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Well our girl Sheena got engaged to Aaron today. We knew this was coming because he asked her dad for her hand this past February. I am so happy for her....they are a perfect match

Hard to believe its been 12 years since I have had the pleasure of having this girl in my life. She is a very remarkable young lady and i am so excited to watch her plan her wedding. She is a wonderful soul and will make a great wife and mother someday...i love you sheena and wish you all the happiness you deserve, xoxoxox mom

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

new plants

window before 

window after (hanging planters from IKEA)

string of peas, i took the donkey tail out of this planter

 air plant (from Sprout Home in Chicago), donkey tail in new pot (IKEA) and little wiener dog (from forever 21)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Coke rewards

These are the things i have "bought" (which really means i got for free!) with the codes i enter from the inside of the coke product caps:

  • salad spinner/ chopper (it works REALLY good!)
  • Nestea t-shirt
  • 150 4x6 prints from Shutterfly (that i used to make a scrapbook for Hicks and Tyler of our trip to Germany/Spain)
  • Fanta hat (baseball hat with little brim)

  • a 12 x 12 hardcover photo book from Shutterfly for aubri for her 16th b-day
  • coupon for free 2 liter of sprite zero
  • one year subscription to Real Simple magazine
  • one year subscription to Oprah magazine
  • one year subscription to Whole Living magazine
  • one year subscription to Better Home & garden
  • 5-in-1 wireless headphones
  • $10 dominos pizza gift certificate
  • coupon for 10 pack juice box
  • coupon for 12 x 12 hardcover photo book from Shutterfly for a friend
  • coupon codes for 60 (4 x 8) photo announcements from Shutterfly for a friend
  • donated some points to Negaunee elementary school
  • entered some points for sweepstakes 
  • $20 Omaha steak gift card for Nancy
  • 2 - $20 Omaha steak gift cards for a friend
  • coupon codes for 36 (4x8) photo announcements from Shutterfly for a friend
  • ordered the blanket below (with the 4 pics) for a grad present, it turned out REALLY nice. It says its fleece but it feels more like velour
  • ordered this print of Maria from the sound of music, now i just need a frame
  • one year subscription to Better Homes and Garden
  • 12 - 3x5 thank you cards for the breast cancer walk i will be doing
  • a 8x8 book for Patsy
  • this photo of aubri from the sound of music, 11 x14 i think
  • 2 coffee mugs with "maria" on it