Monday, October 26, 2015

I want to make a sliding barn door


good sunblocks

  • No-Ad Sport SPF 50 lotion for $10
  • Equate Sport Continuous Spray SPF 30 for $8 from Walmart
  • Equate Ultra Protection lotion SPF 50 for $9 from Walmart

UP trails

homemade deo


Non traditional families

I follow this blog, Funky Junk Interiors, i really like this post she had
provide a safe home
be present

apologize often

be the best you can be
make each passing minute a good day


In December 2014, adventurer Megan Sullivan decided to follow through on her dream of seeing the Seven Wonders of the World. Whether it was due to her skin cancer diagnosis the month prior or her "YOLO" attitude, she finally took the plunge.

So with three hours of planning, 13 days granted off work and a man she had only been dating for two weeks, Sullivan set off 10 days later for their trip around the world. 

"I could have sat on this trip forever making excuses … waiting for the perfect time to take it, but instead while on a hike in Tahoe drinking a brown bag Coors Light with a guy I had only known for 2 weeks, I decided to go and we left 10 days later on what became an adventure of a lifetime," she wrote on her blog.

She and her partner visited Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, Chichen Itza in Mexico, The Lost City of Petra in Jordan, Machu Picchu in Peru, the Colosseum in Italy, the Taj Mahal in India and the Great Wall in China.

Seven sights in 13 days.

"I had the lowest expectations for the Great Wall but it was the best experience," she told Metro.

Per Metro, they slept on planes for the most part, only spending about two days in each place. But if Sullivan's photos and time-lapse video of her trip indicate anything, the constant traveling was well worth it.


Monday, October 12, 2015

Do you ever try to say something and then get the letters/words mixed up?

Since I just started this blog, Derick gets the honor (since he said this today) of being the first entry (this will be a post that is added to frequently!): hoppy slow mix = sloppy joe mix

October 2015, someone in my office said "I saw the albino deer yesterday", my boss said "you saw Neil Diamond buying beer today?"

3-31-15, i have got to load a fold of laundry = i have to fold a load of laundry (cindi)
2-5-15, my cans will be classeled = my class will be cancelled (Aubri)
3-27-13 how can i harry dandle = how can i handle dairy (Sheena)

10-8-12, Aubri was talking about her friends "Taylee and Hailor" ie. Hailee and Taylor

"even though it is raining, my waters need lots of plants" this one comes all the way from Germay, thanks Heidi

"a hist in testory"...
"roam foller fit" = foam roller fit (Sheena)
"Bring this school to pen" = bring this pen to school (Tyler)
paint of coat = coat of paint (Gina :)

"I don't understand why this person named her change" = I don't understand why this person changed her name (I just said that to Lara)

I was talking about the show Man vs. Wild and I told Lara that I was watching Man wersus Wild. Okay let me explain, Germans say V as W and W as V, so I must be getting my german going for my upcoming trip!

It was not my workend to week = It was not my weekend to work (Liz)
Kelly Pickling = Kelly Pickler (Sheena)

Past phrases are:
"you have been swimming laked in the nake all day"="you have been swimming naked in the lake all day" (this is what I told Aubri at camp)
Hedition medache = headache medication (Aubri)
spench & fanish = french & spanish (Ty)
Salah Parin = Sarah Palin (Aubri)
body bath works = bath & body works (Aubri)
I have 2 pockets in my nickel = I have 2 nickels in my pocket (Ty - he told that to the person working at the Holiday gas station)
Pork yeppermint = york peppermint (Lara :) )
Papa Purphy Mizza card = Papa Murphy pizza card (Cindi)