Tuesday, January 28, 2014

44 on the 28th

This is what my daughter posted to my Facebook wall along with the picture below: 

Happy birthday to my beautiful mother! I don't know what I'd do without her in my life and I love her so much! Have a great day bby cakes
yeah we fight and get on her each others nerves but this makes up for it :) thanks doll face, ily

my birthday and a SNOW DAY

So i took today off, i usually do take my birthday off. It was also an "inclement weather day" for NMU.  Here is what i did on MY day…

  • started my day off on the tread climber
  • went to start my car but the battery was dead. Called my great neighbor and he came to save the day. 
  • I ran to the bank AND got the question right. Ok so it was easy, every week they ave a question hanging in the window, if you get it right you get a mini candy bar. Who was Mickey Mouse's dog? Pluto. again i say it was easy
  • Next to Holiday gas, i had two gas coupons so i gave one away. I bought a $5 bingo scratch off and won $5. Now the dilemma is, do i keep the $5 or buy another one….hmmm
  • Kevin and Kennedy came over for coffee
  • Tyler woke up and we headed to Applebee's for lunch, we were only the 2nd table occupied. I had all you can eat soup & salad, Ty had a burger and we had the spinach/artichoke dip to start off. 
  • Stopped at Michaels on our way home to return something and get poster frames
  • Stopped at Family Video and got : Last Vegas (funny), Wolverine (good) and Two Guns (with Mark Wahlberg)
  • picked up my girls and we went to Midtown for cake (Aubri and Sheena had lunch)
  • home for a little snooze with my lola
  • ate leftover applebees for dinner
  • relaxed and watched my movies, such a great day !
lunch bloody mary
 super cute baby
 my loot: beautiful card from aubri with $ in it, viva italia poster & beautiful card from sheena, turquoise scarf from my neighbor, more cards & my little major award candy bar in the front from the bank. Yeah i am a dork

Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

NMU is closed due to inclement weather, 1st one,  here is my day:
  • woke up at 6:15, went back to bed til 9
  • shower and coffee, Facebook message to Heidi 
  • I started to cut out one of the two jackets i am making for the girls from leftover fleece i have. I was laughing as i was laying out the pattern. When i told aubri i was going to make them she said "what are we the VonTrapp's?"
  • went through sheena's tote full of school memories and put the ones she wanted to save in the binder below. I have a stack to laminate for her and she threw some out. Now it's organized, oh how i love organization

  • border grill for dinner
  • did some laundry
  • i watched "Fire with fire" with Josh Duhame and Bruce Willis, it was pretty good

Sunday, growing my soul

I worked on my rag rug today
 made some lip balm
 made 3 beeswax/soy candles

http://allrecipes.com/recipe/easy-tortilla-soup/   i put this in the crockpot so people could eat when they wanted too. so easy

Thursday, January 9, 2014


I forgot to blog about this quick visit with my gram...

I visited with gram on November 24th. She wasn't up for much of a visit, she sat in her wheelchair with her eyes closed. She said "Cindi, i'm sorry, I know you come to visit me the most but i am tired. i just have to lay down".

I pushed her back to her room and i asked her if she had to pee, she said "not now, it's up to my kidneys when i have to pee". well ok, that's a good answer i guess. i laughed of course.

lay down if you want, i'll keep coming back. thats ok gram, i love you and i know you love me. 


I am definitely making one of these, I have always wanted a "pouf"


purse ideas

Purses to make….

(1) http://www.countryliving.com/crafts/projects/how-to-sew-a-pillowcase-tote

(2) http://unfortunatelyoh.blogspot.ca/2011/10/bubbles-bag-blog-swap.html 

for my garage workshop

my dream is to have a garage, in that garage i will have tools. Power tools and they will all be organized neatly. I will need a jig...


how to knit a dishcloth

I may attempt knitting...


this might be useful someday


my sister called me yesterday with a funny child story. her son was sitting eating a bowl of carmel puff corn. He was eating it, stopped and said "jesus christ is this good". i laughed, that was a good one :)

wedding favor idea


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

hell ya !

A Bowflex treadclimber, yeah, my hubby bought one !!!!!

There is a big change happening up in this house. I spent 10 minutes on it tonight and it kicked my ass. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

words to live by



i like this painting, i may have to try painting something similar

christmas craft to do sometime

Em's christmas present

this is where i ordered it: http://www.i-chart-you.com 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

christmas crafts

new coats for the girls (I had the fabric so it just cost .97 for the pattern)
 Sheena making stockings for her and her man, next year they will have christmas in their own place

candy cane holder ornaments. The one on the far right is mine, I inherited it when we went through my parents ornaments. Since i was making one for sheena i thought i may as well make one for the other 3 kids. There could be a million candy canes on the christmas tree but for some reason they take the one out of the horse first

happy new year !

Aubri and i watched the ball drop on tv in Times Square, someday we will see that in real life. We made some funny snap chats and laughed. I have been getting caught up on projects i have wanted to get done THIS year…also watched some tv, ate some bad food, normal new years eve stuff.