Tuesday, December 15, 2015

enough is enough

I just read this article...


When did we become such a country of babies? Someone honestly gets offended or upset because a car has a bumper sticker on it that reads 13.1 or 26.2? I don't even know where to start. So the person that is gluten free gets bent out of shape because they are behind a car that has sticker of a loaf of bread? or the Vegan gets upset because there is a steak sticker on your car?

Starbucks red cups? WTF, who cares! Guess what, it isn't McDonalds making us obese, it's the fact that people CHOOSE to eat that crap EVERYDAY !

Wasteful...yes, Americans have that covered. 1/3 of all food worldwide goes to waste & in American 40% (FORTY!) percent of our food is wasted. I almost threw up typing that. Another good article listed below...


It's not even about the food we throw away it's about everything we do. I still remember 15+ years ago going on a ski trip. We were eating in the lodge and saw a man taking napkins out of the dispenser, he must have taken 20, he just kept pulling them out one after the other. How many do you really need? When you go to the restroom do you realllyyyyy need to pull 5 paper towels out to dry your hands or are you drying your ENTIRE body off after a shower.

Yes, I used disposable diapers and to this day I still have guilt for not using cloth diapers. That one I can't fix, my baby is 19 but I am trying my hardest to retify that. I recycle, re-use, donate, keep my showers to 5 minutes and keep my food waste to a minimum. If I could bike or walk to work I would, every day that I possibly could.

My goal for next year is to keep my spending to a bare minimum. I still haven't figured out exactly what that means. I know for the first six months I am not going to buy any clothes or shoes. I am a social person so not going out would be impossible for me. I am going to limit that times I do go out and give myself a set amount to spend and when thats gone I will go home. Yes, I will need to buy groceries, pay my bills and put gas in my vehicle but I would like to set a goal of putting "X" amount in my savings. I don't have any trips planned for next year (I will be recovering from the "Year of Cindi") so this may be a good year for me to get "this" under control. Although someone may invite be to go somewhere and I might not be able to say no but for now I am saying no for Jan - June 2016.

OK I have calmed down a little, redirected to what I can do to make changes. I have no control over what everyone does. Good thing I am going on vacation next week, i need a reset in the land of frugality & recylcing (they lead the Europe nations by recyling about 70%)