Wednesday, March 30, 2011

basketball awards

Aubri and Coach Bobbi...


just my hubby & i home for dinner and this is what was waiting for me when i got home....
velvetta, hormel chili no beans and rotel with chips, AMAZING! I could eat this every night but lets get real people, it sure isn't good for you

my new bench & a checkerboard

yeah my boy makes some awesome stuff! i have to find some baskets to put below
the top opens, i put this coffee can inside so you could see how deep it is. Perfect for gloves and hats

spaghetti bridge

Tyler made this in CAD class....

hot glue and spaghetti

new baby...

wedding in May and baby in July :)

Sheena's birthday party...

yeah, her birthday was March 11 but we couldn't have cake until March 16 due to her busy schedule and Negaunee basketball...

chocolate cake, cheesecake and orange cake


i made these for fundraisers for the AVON breast cancer walk I am doing as part of IBTC...
this one has four different season plates, red candle, button pin in a record bowl. This one is for the Shooters for Hooters pool tournament this saturday
this one had a partylite hurricane, votives and tealights, button pin in a record bowl. This one went for $25 dollars at the Taste for Life last weekend

Negaune plays in Escanaba

we won this game!

Friday, March 11, 2011

this kid kills me sometimes...

yeah, tyler is the one in the cape & "Miner" hard hat (which just happened to be his great grandpa Emmett's hard hat)...
i love his team spirit!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A. & Aubri

Aubri on the free throw line, last game this year

Tyler's latest project

bench he made on the left, Damion's bench on the right that he copied (Damion got a C, Tyler an A...Tyler is very proud of that fact)

Valentines day (stuff i missed)

treats for Steven from me
steven wrote this for me
i did a treasure hunt for the kiddos

out with the old and in with the NEW

Derick's old truck, 1991 Ford, 2 wheel drive...yeah it's for sale, call me

Derick's new truck: 4 wheel drive, sun roof, he's in heaven! (it is a beauty!)

Lola & Martha

Martha couldn't stand her new sister when we brought her home as a puppy, now she can't live without her (whether she wants to admit it or not!)

random purge

Tyler's eye, he blew the blood vessels out after his 24 hour puke fest
Sheena's first pay stub from Subway, she started about 3 weeks ago! We are very proud of her for getting a job... it's hard for anyone to get a job these days
my new suitcase arrived today, i love this thing! Yes, I took it for many walks around my house last night (for Vegas in May and maybe Atlanta in August...)
view from my front porch, i NEED a $*#^ snow day people! ok, it's just odd because that's my old house
Aubri's latest message on the chalkboard wall