Monday, January 31, 2011

Tyler got a 6 pointer!

finally a picture...

gram turns 92 (yeah last September)..

i look crabby but i really wasn't...honest!


cleaning up my emails and found these pictures my friend took of tyler, tennis 2009 - 10 season

another great project

U.P bench

Saturday, January 29, 2011

more for me...

soup mug my mom bought me 20+ years ago...
new ring and bracelet/necklace that i got for my b-day, turquoise, i love them!

some of my favorite things....yeah, today was all about me, too!

made my own b-day cake, first time i have ever made a carrot cake from scratch (my mom's recipe)
my new nesting doll measuring cups, yeah, they rock! just happen to be next to my Bitburger mug :)
tomato mozzarella, yum!
pasta ala scott, yum, yum!

my gram

i wonder how many things these hands (mine would be the pudgy one on the left) have held and done over the last 92 years..
i hadn't been to see her for awhile and i was feeling guilty. Here is how excited she was to see me and get flowers...

meat raffle, first stop for my birthday night out

all day at work people were asking me what i was going to do for my birthday. I couldn't wait to tell them...I am going to a meat raffle1 oh my god that is so's a little info on it (of course i didn't win but 2 people at our table did).

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Before: boring bathroom wall (if you know me, i don't rush out and buy something just to decorate. I have to wait until I find the right thing and it has to be different. Like the mobile hanging in the corner, I bought it at an art shop in germany)

After: I found these cut outs at
I've seen these in metal at├ęcor-Black/dp/B001R1FM2W
for $21.00 and only in silver and black. I like that I can pick any color (which includes turqoise) that I like

I bought 2 sheets of scrapbook paper for .29 each so now I have something I absolutely love in my bathroom and it cost .58 cents to make!

this girl rocks

spent about 5 hours shopping, had lunch and then a 2 hour nap with this girl today, it was very nice!
(she has to dress up for home b-ball games and this is what she wore friday night, very nice!)

the voting begins

Believe it or not but these are all gray paint samples, they look blue in this picture. I need to get going on my kitchen re-painting, first step pick 3 shades of gray.
watch for updates :)

chalkboard paint

i love this section of the kitchen wall and I am glad I painted it with chalkboard paint!

amazing bean burritos

I forgot to take a picture when the pan was full but these were awesome. All 4 kids loved them, that doesn't happen very often!
I got the recipe from:

full moon, January 19th

valentine blocks

i made these blocks for home & some for my co-workers, you can get a lot out of one warped & twisted 2x4.

I made a special set for one co-worker, she thought it was pretty funny...

Heikki Lunta fireworks

fireworks in the snow are beautiful, just hard to photgraph with my little ole camera

Friday, January 14, 2011


my sons size 14 boots, i thought i had a big foot! these boots look so huge but they keep his feet warm so that is all that matters...


she didn't think it was very funny that I was trying to take a picture of the ice chunk that had formed by her eye. she just wanted me to pick it off..

best christmas card EVER

i loved this card so much, I had to put it in a frame (after I painted the frame red of course!)
I haven't laughed so hard at a card in VERY long time, let alone a Christmas card. I guess you could say my family is kind of over the top when it comes to cards, they look for the most outrageous. my aunt does love me by the way, really...

a little sad...

so this is the fourth and final "boat", this is Aubri's. All 4 kids have had to make one for school, this is the last one, no more cement boats for this did float as did the last 3, thank goodness my hubby knows what he is doing!

back on the meal plan

I have gotten us back on the meal plan this week, it really is much easier for our family.
Friday: homemade pizza, Sheena's is the first - cudighi, pineapple, corn and mozzarella cheese
my pizza: 1/2 pineapple with ham, 1/4 green pepper and onion and 1/4 cudighi covered with mozzarella cheese
Thursday: pigs in a blanket, always reminds me of when i was a kid

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

christmas present

my home girl Heidi gave this to me for christmas (sheena brought it home with her). One of the towers we have visited in Germany, I will have to find out how to spell it! handmade and i love it, i can't wait to see her again..

apple cinnamon bread

my house smells amazing right now, this bread tastes really good now!

Saturday, January 8, 2011