Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sheena's prom April 25, 2009

Here are some pictures Sheena looking so beautiful with her date Tyler...

more PROM

of course we had to take pictures with Aubri (she did Sheena's make up). Caden and Brianna came to the Grand March with their mother so they had to be in a picture too! :)

Tyler has his permit...

Tyler got his permit (I still can't believe he's old enough, where did the time go) so of course I had to have my camera with. Don't you just love the 9 and 3 position of the new drivers hands :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Snow day on April 21!

Okay so I was a little upset this morning...all schools were cancelled EXCEPT NMU! I called the Brrr line this morning about 10 times (227-BRRR, that's the # we call to see if NMU is closed) and I was very disappointed! The kids were very excited to be home because of the snow day. I think (I sure hope) this is the last storm of the year....I am sooooo ready for spring/ summer! Here are some pictures from off my front porch (yes, all this snow fell overnight!)...

Another purse (this one is my favorite so far)...

I made this purse for my friend/car pool gal/co-worker Connie for her birthday and out of all the purses I have made so far this is my favorite (and it's made from a sheet!). I also made a coffee cozy and my girl Aubri made her a pair of earrings!

Aubri's first solo (2005)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New passed the written test & one the driving test TODAY!

Tyler passed the written test for Segment I of drivers training so we will be heading to the Secretary of State office tomorrow to get his permit! Sheena passed her drivers test tonight but has to wait until next Wednesday to get her license (because of track)! AND Derick starts Segment I of drivers training on April 21st....pray for my nerves with all these new drivers! They knew I would want to take a picture so they discussed it before and would not smile for me :(

Mining Journal (sports section) April 15, 2009

First track meet and Sheena makes the newspaper, she's off to a great start! Here's what was printed in the paper...

"Besides Maat, Sheena Carlson in the 1600 run and Heather Moore in the 200 dash posted second place individual finishes for Negaunee."

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My family...Mackinac Island (2004)

Derick, Sheena and I in the back row and then Aubri, Tyler and Steven in the front, i really love this picture :)

Negaunee 7th grade NETS

Here's my 7th grade team and my beautiful daughter Aubri! (I took the team pictures, hard to believe since they turned out so good :)!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring ?

Aubri and I took a walk (well she rode her cruiser) and decided to take our camera and look for signs of spring...we didn't find many!

RED Lamp

I must have a thing for old lamps! These lamps were in my Auntie Tillie and Auntie Mar's house when I was growing up. When we were cleaning out my Grandma's attic we found them and I made a claim on them (no one else wanted them!). So I cleaned them up and painted the bases flat chocolate brown and they are on my night stands in my bedroom. I think I may repaint them flat black but I haven't decided yet...what do you think Haley?

Next project...GREEN LAMP

This lamp was in my Grandma & Grandpa Hoiem's house for as long as I can remember. Well it's going to get a new home! Steven has to rewire it (which will be a big task feeding it through the lamp) and then I have to clean up the shade and it will go in my living room! The lamp shade doesn't really hang like that but it's missing the light bulb part right now so it's a little off!

Grandpa Emmett's desk...

I saved this from my Grandpa's workshop at his house. It was just two small stands with drawers and a piece of wood for the top. I repainted (after I let it air out FOR WEEKS because it smelt like musty basement) it chocolate brown and repainted the handles chrome. I painted a chess/checker board on top and bought a piece of plexi glass to protect the top from the boys (the desk sits upstairs in the boys hallway).

Glass stars...

Yet again more glass that I had to have (& bought in Germany, had to get home safely, blah, blah!) and am just now finding a home, kind of! I put some string on them to hand and realized i needed some suction they aren't really hung yet!

Keep on hanging stuff...

Okay so I bought these at IKEA in Germany (in October...2008!), arghh! I had to have them but didn't hang them! Aren't they so cool!

Tyler's shelf is finally hung!

Tyler's shelf finally has a home! The beautiful shelf my son built is finally on the wall, it was on my bedroom floor for way too long (and after I stubbed my toe on it Thursday night I decided it was time to find a home for it!).

My birthday...2008

My friend Kathy Chapman found the perfect present for me at an auction last year. It's an album with Oktoberfest (polka) music, I just loved it! Only one thing, I don't have a record player so for my husbands anniversary present this year I bought him a turn table that converts records to MP3's. So now I have Oktoberfest music on my ipod and on a cd!

Hand blown globes...

I finally hung the hand blown balls back up. I had 3 broke one and got a replacement one (last year) and I am just now hanging them back up! I bought 2 in Germany years ago in a shop where they actually hand blow glass and my girlfriend Heidi bought one for me. I had 2 of the light multi colored ones (I broke one) and Heidi bought me the small dark multi color one. I bought the green one last year when Aubri and I went downstate for Chorus!