Saturday, October 19, 2013

AVON breast cancer walk, October 19-20, 2013 NEW YORK

Today i walk for you mom, i walk in your honor...I also walk for my daughter & son because i worry about family history, i walk for my grandma & grandpa because no one should bury their child, i walk for my sisters who lost a mother so very young, i walk for my other family members & friends who have battled this and for who may still battle this.
I pray for a cure but until then, i will walk. I will walk, i will cry and i will remember the good times with my mother but i will also be mad because I was cheated. My children missed out on someone who would have been an amazing grandmother and so have my nieces and nephews.

I will walk, i love you mom

Sunday, October 13, 2013

tyler's summer job

Tyler's summer job at Plant Essentials (Lowe's)

thanks aaron for putting in the good word

my new artwork

aubri's self portrait from art class


If you drink Starbucks coffee make sure to save the bag. I have treated myself and the person behind me more than once by turning these bags in. It's a nice way to pay it forward and you are recycling, too

Breast Cancer Awareness

October 1st, 2013, donated my hair

my bracelet came in the mail, i am getting nervous 

Homecoming game & dance

aubri & jesslyn at the game, we played Norway and beat them 53-0
I made dinner for Aubri, Jesslyn & Meagan. Aubri requested Zuppa Toscana, i added a salad, breadsticks and key lime pie for desert. The girls liked it but would not look at me for a picture
Jesslyn & Aubri ready for the dance

Homecoming week 2013, Aubri's senior year

Monday : Seniors wear white, Aubri has swimming first hour so she didn't bother to wear her outfit until after that, so i didn't get a picture
 Tuesday: geek/nerd day
Wednesday: formal day but she woke up with a headache so she went back to bed. She went in later but of course i didn't get a picture so here is what i saw that morning

Thursday: hat/jersey day
 Friday: maize & blue day

It was also hall judging competition. There hall was 50's/60's. Of course 9 pm the night before she needed something to wear. Good thing i had the "laverne" costume still in the halloween box from a few years prior
 my girl was also the MC for the pep rally at school on friday, here is her corsage she got

Thursday, October 3, 2013