Thursday, July 18, 2013

weekend with my man

Friday, June 28...after spending the day in Oconto Falls, WI with Aubri for a b-ball tourney i drove to camp, got there about midnight.

Saturday, June 28...went into Michigamme for there town wide rummage sale. We bought a piece of granite to make a new top for the kindling box by the sauna.

We ate at the Moose Drop Inn, amazing french onion soup...
 pineapple ice cream
 amazing chicken pesto pizza
 Sunday, June 29... so heavenly

it was a very relaxing and enjoyable weekend, just the two of us. When we got home the kids were actually excited to see us :)

pioneer days 2013

Night on the town, amazing potato salad made for the Eagles. You can get it starting Thursday, and i picked these 3 up on the walk home around midnight. I am getting to old to be out that late on a school, i mean work night
 Thursday, July 11, aubri and bri after piooneer princess pageant,
 Tuesday, July 9, before the wine and cheese. I guess i was in a hurry

my girl

hard to believe this girl is a senior
i love you so very much aubri cheryl

taco truck in Mqt...yeah its amazing

 I ordered the carmen and the colleen...amazing!

Gwinn class of 1988 25 year reunion

Friday, July 12th... so i found out the 25 year reunion for the class i would have graduated with if i didn't move to Germany was TONIGHT. I got an invite to the mixer but i was really on the fence about going, i mean i didn't graduate with them. I hold class reunions on a pretty high pedestal because i haven't ever had a real one (class reunion cruise but there were only 5 from 88). I got home from work and tried to take a nap, finally i realized that i couldn't pass up this chance. but really ? how do i lose 20 lbs, look 10 years younger and have great hair in 2 hours ??? well i did my best and i took a self portrait and didn't look too bad...
I had no idea who was going to be there, it was at the UP North Lodge and my friend Tina was my DD. 

I was so HAPPY to see Graham Gidley! i had no idea he was going to be there, i haven't seen him since 1985
 I saw something on Facebook that David Liesch was going to the class reunion. He came with his wife, 3 children and his older sister Marne. It was great to see them all!!
 WOW! i haven't seen Kim or Wendy since 1985 either, they haven't aged a bit
 another group from 1988. It's kind of funny because i left in 1985 to go from KI Sawyer to Hahn Germany and the girl i have my hand on her shoulder Becky Lindeman left Hahn in 1985 to go back to KI Sawyer, military brats :)
 my best friend from elementary school, Beth Lullo! i haven't seen her since around 1985 either, met her husband and she looks amazing!!!

and last but not least...this was AFTER the UP North Lodge by the bonfire. Needless to say i had plenty to drink and poor "Cleats" had to listen to me. It looks like he didn't mind though. Not sure if i was singing or just flapping my gums

thanks again for remembering this "base" kid, i had a ROCKIN time and a 2 day hangover...i would do it again in a heartbeat! (p.s. - check out the time on the receipt below, we just made it ;) )

Em turns 2

I made these 2 t-shirts for little Em for his birthday

 he is so darn cute! on his new bike from Grandma