Wednesday, January 23, 2013

cold day part II, 1-23-12

NMU was closed AGAIN today ! I am still trying to stay motivated...

  • took a shower (sheena did too thank god!)...this is a big deal in my house i guess
  • ran some errands
    • snyders to pick up aubri's prescription (that health savings debit card sure is wonderful!)
    • super one for some groceries
    • beef-a-roo for aubri
    • cattron's for parts for my loom
  • made mac & swine for lunch
  • ran a bath for aubri, man is she sick!
  • worked on the t-shirt quilt
  • cleaned out my closet

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

cold day, 1-22-13

so today was a cold day - 31 wind chill and NMU was closed today :) 3 college students & 1 NMU employee were EXTREMELY happy about this. NHS was cancelled last night so Aubri was already in the clear.

Here is what i got accomplished:

  • slept til 10:30 am (i had been at the ER with aubri until 12:15 last night so i was praying for a cold day)
  • went to the grocery store, bought fruit for juicing and chicken for Tyler for lunch
  • stopped and filled up with gas
  • ran to Meyers to check on some samples for tyler
  • tyler juiced (apple, orange, lemon & broccoli) & aubri juiced (2 oranges, 1 lemon & 1 inch ginger)
  • ran to my neighbors to bring him wood to cut for the loom i am making
  • did some mending
  • made some blonde roast coffee (Starbuck beans) and it is GOOD
  • laundry
  • started t-shirt quilt, laid out all the squares, sewed 2 rows
  • subway for dinner
  • drank a diet pepsi
  • lysine & abreva because i am getting an effing cold sore
  • made Sheena & Tyler take Echinachea 
  • steven came home feeling like he was going to throw up
  • watch Prison Break with Tyler
  • even though aubri has an upper resp. infection she worked on cleaning her bedroom. She did an AMAZING job and her room is perfect!

Sunday, January 13, 2013


magnets she brought back for me from costa rica

 i bought sheena a loom (to make hats & scarves) for christmas and i picked out the yarn on the right. She was allowed to open 1 present so i gave her the loom to open. She went shopping and picked out the yarn on the left. When she opened the rest of her presents we were laughing because of the color i had gotten her. Of all the colors of yarn in the world we both pick the same, i guess i know my girl :)


sits so odd


my dear friends guido & marion sent me this from germany
this is the town i lived in while we were stationed in Germany. I have seen these all over the world but this is my favorite by far and i absolutely love it !


i don't really have a recipe for this. Stew meat that i coated in flour & spices before cooking in a little oil, Jägersoße, can of peas & carrots, can of rotel (ground up in the magic bullet), corn starch to thicken.

served over rice, i thought it was good!

new mantra

balloon button bowl

i am afraid of the vacuum


this is what they look like today...
 this was last week...
fill a balloon with water and a few drops of food coloring. once they are frozen the balloon splits off itself

Friday, January 11, 2013


i missed these, even is she does copy my signature symbol :)

Monday, January 7, 2013


i handed aubri her vitamins and lunch and she said "thanks for taking care of me". I'm glad she appreciates me (i wrote this down so i wouldn't forget but i wanted to add it to my blog for when i lose the paper)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hematite earrings

They measure 1 1/2 inches from the top stone to the bottom. They are on a 24 gauge wire with silver plated posts.

Tickets are $1.00 per try, let me know if you are interested, drawing will be January 25 at 3 pm!
(these earrings come with a 1 year warranty, for some reason if they fall apart, i will repair!)
thank you so very much!

new fundraiser idea

Since i registered for the AVON breast cancer walk i have been trying to think of a way to raise money. I was thinking about making something once a month for the next 9 months and raffling it off. I am walking in New York this year, the registration is $1800 dollars. I will only use the funds i raise from these fundraisers towards that amount. I am paying out of my own pocket for the airfare and spending money needed in New York. I will see how this first raffle goes, i have one item made so i will post it and start the raffle...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

left at 3pm, snow day & christmas break !

well it's back to work tomorrow. We were sent home on Thursday the 20th of December at 3pm and then friday the 21st was a snow day! Great start to the christmas break, which ran December 24 - Jan. 2nd.

I really enjoyed this break and I was very lazy ! Here are some of the things i accomplished:
  • finished cleaning/organizing the basement
  • organized and went through all my fabric
  • 2 trips to Vinnie's to drop stuff off
  • finally made it to Rare Earth Goods in Ishpeming, a new co-op that opened. i "liked" them on facebook and she sent out a message needing walmart bags, i just happened to have 2 full bags to donate. It's a really nice store, check it out people
  • watched almost the whole first season of Prison Break, with Aubri, it was great being a couch potato
  • took all the christmas stuff down today. 
  • cleaned my house, even vacuumed in the furniture. there were enough crumbs to feed a small village
  • organized my pantry/threw out old stuff
  • cleaned bathroom cupboards & cleaned out/threw away old stuff from medicine chest
  • caught up on laundry
  • started to re-arrange my bedroom
  • had 1 hangover
  • christmas with my family. The book we gave Em "goodnight ipad" was a big hit, along with us all teasing Aubri about her "shirt". on a side note, adding velvetta chunks to your green bean casserole makes it AMAZING !
  • Aubri got the role of Maria in the sound of music they are doing at the high school in March/April and i really am so PROUD 
  • got some great stuff for christmas from my kids & husband
  • was spoiled ROTTEN by my friend Kathy & she made me feel really cheap! I got a nice gift from my friend Lisa, too
  • took the dogs for a walk with their new "leader" collars. I am hoping this will make them easier to walk. it went ok for the first walk
  • ate too much, probably gained 5 pounds
  • slept in until 11am almost every day and stayed up past midnight or later every night
  • i watched "unknown" with Liam Neeson and it was really good !
  • i drew a picture for my husband for christmas
  • had two peppermint mochas from mcdonald's, yeah i recommend them
  • i have a pile started to make my first rag rug whenever my loom is finished, i should say started
  • aubri cleaned her room. she is gonna be so busy over the next 2 months she will have to stay organized
  • sheena purged her closet
  • watched the NCIS marathon on 29th
  • got take out from border grill & bee-a-roo
  • went grocery shopping
i guess i did more than i thought after typing all this